Class Notes: Spring 2017

1970: Sarah T. Moody and her husband, Randy Moody ’69 have published a book, Randy’s Writings, a compilation of the writings of their late son, Randall, which is available on Amazon. They are currently working on their second book, Healing Grief through Prose, Poetry and Prayers. The Moodys are retired and live in Charleston.

Tommy R. Sellers is the owner of Chesterfield Driving School in Chesterfield. A former teacher, he is a certified driving instructor for the state of South Carolina.

Building Blocks and Coloring Away Stress Reduction

The Building Blocks and Coloring Away Stress Reduction research project was aimed at determining the validity of LEGO® therapy in stress management and coping skills within college students.

Dr. Maggie Shields, assistant professor of health promotion, first became interested in the effect of LEGO® bricks on stress when she noticed the effect it had on her own stress levels. “There was joy in taking time to slow down,” said Shields.